Where it all began: The organic online garden

Its 2017 and the myAcker online garden is born. Since then, we have been running a digitally operated online garden for vegetable fans without their own garden. People from all over Austria plant and cultivate their own vegetables online. The steps taken there are then implemented in the real field and the ripe harvest is delivered to the customer overnight in a CO2-neutral way. The "real" organic field was located in Mühldorf in Mölltal in the early years, but has now moved directly to Tullnerfeld, just outside Vienna, making myAcker even more regional.


(Online) vegetables to drink

Another myAcker® product was created in 2018 as an idea for the sensible utilisation of an excessively good cucumber and rhubarb harvest on the myAcker® field: AckerSaft. Together with our regional partner APO Fruchtsaft in Millstatt, we worked intensively on recipes for a refreshing and equally creative juice drink made from fruit and vegetables and, as a first step, launched the two varieties #gurpfel and #rhabapfel - the best Carinthian apple juice, cucumber and rhubarb juice and sparkling Carinthian spring water, nothing more. High-quality and completely without added sugar, additives or an attitude. That was the idea that met with great approval: In less than 2 years, over 100,000 bottles were sold.

Because not only the flavour, but also the look needed to stand out, AckerSaft underwent a complete design relaunch in spring 2022 and a new, third variety was developed at the same time: #traubasi as a blend of red grape juice and a hint of basil. There is also a new online shop where AckerSaft® can be ordered in addition to being available in grocery stores.


Regional shopping at its best

The desire to be able to buy the best, regional vegetables and other foods from around the corner as simply and smartly as possible led to the creation of the AckerBox as the next step, even before the big "regional trend". The AckerBox is an innovative, autonomous shop concept that brings together the best products from farmers and small businesses from the respective region in one central location and creates a unique shopping experience with the help of state-of-the-art technology. The AckerBox is available in the form of a flexible high sea container and now also indoors. The heart of every AckerBox® is its regional range: each box contains around 200 products from farmers, small and medium-sized enterprises and manufacturers in the immediate vicinity. At myAcker, we operate a total of 8 AckerBoxes ourselves, all others are operated by franchise partners from the respective region. New locations are constantly being added.


We are rethinking shopping and creating experiences

ackerPay® is the smart, self-service, all-in-one shop system for unstaffed or hybrid shops that we develop entirely in-house. Originally conceived as the technical heart of the AckerBox, ackerPay now also ensures the efficient operation of autonomous shops, from farm shops, specialist food shops, supermarkets and hotel shops to non-food shops in all sectors. The special thing about ackerPay is that our technology ensures a high-quality shopping experience for customers while maximising operator efficiency.

The ackerPay® system consists of a software and a hardware component and is a complete solution on a plug & play basis.

With our system, we create and strengthen small economic cycles, bring producers and customers closer together again and ensure maximum transparency. The very high degree of automation, ease of use and efficiency for both customers and operators and the affordable cost structure, even for small and medium-sized enterprises, set ackerPay apart from the competition.